How to Make Money on YouTube (Step by Step Guide for Beginners)

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Have you been looking for a smooth way to make money on YouTube? Well, today is your lucky day. This article was written primarily for you! Get in here to discover how you can start earning on this platform.

YouTube to many, is one platform where they get answers to many questions. It is said to be the second top-most visited site in the world after Google. As of 2021, YouTube records a monthly view of over 34.6 billion. Huge right? These numbers mean that you already have enough reach if you think of making money from YouTube.

Learning to make money on YouTube is not a complex process; the difficulty lies in applying the knowledge. In this piece, I’ll show you easy ways to make money on YouTube in 2022. Stay tuned.

What You Must Have Put in Place Before You Learn to Make Money on YouTube

  • Know what you want

In learning to make money on YouTube, you do not simply wake up and start earning money on the platform; you must first understand what you want. Know if you are comfortable with the platform and if your schedule would allow you enough time. As explained earlier, this is the second most visited site in the world, meaning it can be competitive. You have to be creative and determined to be a successful YouTuber.

  • Research

After you have prepared your mind to make money from YouTube, the next thing is to reach out to the public. Do research, find out the top earners from YouTube, and learn from them; the type of content they make, their niche, the views, tools they use, etc. are all things to take note of.

  • Find a profitable niche

This is one essential thing you must have sorted out before starting to sell on YouTube. Know the area you would like to make money in: fashion, music, entertainment, movies, gadgets review, online tutoring, DIY, tourism, etc., are all areas you can explore on YouTube. Find the one that works for you.

  • Learn copywriting and marketing

Well, one thing about making money is that you must first master the act of selling. You cannot get money without giving something out in return. Therefore, two essential skills you should learn are copywriting and marketing. Most of the top sellers on YouTube have exceptional copywriting skills; they understand their viewers so much that they know how to put exactly what they need. You can take copywriting and marketing courses to help you with this process.

  • Learn video editing

Learn to create and edit video content that will soothe the taste of your viewers. This will come in handy if you plan to make the content yourself. However, if you plan to contract it out, you don’t have to stress much about this.

  • Have the needed tools/work kits

You might need to work with a personal computer/laptop, a mobile phone, digital camera, tripod, ring light, wallpapers, headphones, etc. ensure you research the appropriate tool for your type of content.

  • Understand basic finance

This is another soft skill you need to learn before making a move to make money on YouTube. You have to learn how to manage finances and investments. This will help in building and managing your brand as a YouTuber.

  • Be Patient

Nothing good comes easy; if you plan to make it big on YouTube, you must understand to work with time. Earning on the platform is gradual; you must learn to grow with it. Do not expect to start earning thousands of dollars in your first few months; remember, several factors determine how well you earn on the platform. Check them out below;

Factors that Determine How You Make Money on YouTube

  • The type of niche your content is under
  • The number of subscribers on your channel
  • The number of views on your videos
  • Being a part of YPP
  • Your geographical location
  • Number of clicks you get from ads

8 Step by Step Guide on How to Make Money on YouTube for Beginners

  1. Create a YouTube channel

You must create a YouTube channel before you can make money from YouTube. Creating a YouTube channel is an easy process. Below are the steps;

How to Create a YouTube Channel

  • Open the YouTube app or website from your phone or personal computer.
  • Locate your profile and click on the icon. Under the list of options provided, click on create a channel.
  • Ensure you pick a channel name that aligns with the platform’s service you want to sell. You can also use your name for your channel.

Get Subscribers by Creating Content

Now that you understand why you need subscribers for your channel, you have to work on building one. One smart way to do this is by creating content people will be interested in watching or content that will catch people’s attention. This is where you have to apply some elements of copywriting and marketing; you have to learn to put out content that people are searching for. This is where you have to implement SEO; use YouTube and Google analytics to research keywords searched mainly by users. This will help you know the right keywords to use in your content.

Another way to get subscribers is to drive traffic to your channel from other platforms. You can market your YouTube channel on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Monetization of your Channel

Sell a product/service

You can use your channel to sell your product or service. For example, if you are a baker or hairdresser, you can create a YouTube channel to reach more customers on YouTube. In addition, posting content that helps educate viewers about your product/service can help grow your subscribers, which in the end, can help you make money on YouTube.

Become an influencer/ marketer

Influencer marketing is another popular way to make money on YouTube. What this involves is marketing a product or service for a brand. With every sale you make for that brand, you will get paid. The benefit of influencer marketing on YouTube is that you make money and grow your audience simultaneously.

Sell courses

This is one of the best way tutors make money on YouTube. As an online tutor, YouTube provides you with the opportunity to upload videos that your students can stream on the platform. Before selling courses on YouTube, ensure you have enough experience and knowledge about the course. You can sell courses on different topics as the platform has a wide range of audiences.


Vlogging is the YouTube version of blogging. You can be a vlogger on any niche and create or post content daily to keep viewers streaming your channel. One exciting thing about being a vlogger on YouTube is that you do not have to create video content from scratch. Instead, you can upload already made videos for people to watch. Examples of common vlog niches include; sports, entertainment, celebrity gossip, DIYs, movies, music videos, news, comedy, etc.

Setup Google AdSense Account

I am sure you must have heard content creators talk about getting paid per the number of views on their channel. Google Adsense is the feature that allows the monetization of content on the platform. As explained earlier, the pay, however, depends on some factors, including demographics, content type, location of the YouTuber, niche, etc.

Adsense allows YouTubers to get between $3 to $5 on every 1,000 views they get on their video. This is why you see that YouTubers are always concerned about the number of subscribers and viewers they get on their videos. Note that YouTube algorithms also change periodically, so ensure you research the current rate.

Join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

The YPP gives content creators guides and resources on how to earn money easily on the platform. You can view the program as a community of freelancers eligible to earn money on YouTube. If you want to make money on YouTube, you have to be part of the program.

However, before you are eligible to get paid on YouTube, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 views on any of your content. Click on the ‘Monetization’ option under your channel to learn more about how you can make money on YouTube.

Final Thoughts on How to Make Money on YouTube

Making money on YouTube is about selling your viewers the right content. That is why I have put down these easy steps to guide you on how you can make money on YouTube. I hope you find them helpful in your journey as a freelancer on the platform.



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