How to Make Money on Social Media

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I’ll be sharing seven easy ways to make money on social media in this piece. So tighten your seat belt, let’s begin.

Social media platforms, to many, are digital platforms where people get to interact, have fun, and make friends. Of course, this is true about social media, but do you know that it is also a money-making tool where you can earn cool money?

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Yeah, that’s right. Every social media user is entitled to make money through the business platforms provided on social media. For example, Facebook business, Twitter business, LinkedIn Page, etc.

Earning money on social media is a good way of rewarding yourself for the time and data you use online daily. So how can you make money on social media? To answer this question, I’ll look at seven different ways you can make money on social media. Read on.

7 Easy Ways to Make Money on Social Media.

  1. Content creation 

Content creation has become essential in today’s world, especially when examining its importance in both digital and traditional marketing.

Content creation can be anything done to entertain, educate, or inform people on social media platforms. The end goal of content creation is always to get people to carry out a call to action.

For example, an Instagram post with the description, “I create dancing videos every week. Follow my page to see them.” It is a content. The call-to-action in this post is asking viewers to follow the page.

In digital marketing, content creation is vital. It is one of the easiest ways to get people to engage on your platform or buy whatever products/services you offer.

To become a content creator on social media, you will have to understand the niche you want to focus on, use the platform to attract them, and create post ideas for your target audience to engage with. Skills you should master for content creation are graphic design and copywriting skills.

Some successful content creators who have been able to make money on social media include; Karen X, Khaby Lame, Zach King, etc.

  1. Page Handler

This is another lucrative way you can make money on social media. A page handler, just as the name implies, is someone who manages a social media page.

Due to the high number of followers or engagements businesses and celebrities get on social media, there came the need to have people keep up with customers, followers, and fans on social media. This is where the need for a page handler came into play.

Page handlers make money on social media because their job is quite demanding. Imagine having to reply to the DMs of Kim Kardashian or Cristiano Ronaldo. That’s one hell of a job.

To become a page handler, you have to learn social media rules, customer engagement etiquette, and content creation skills.

  1. Digital marketer

Digital marketing is simply you pushing out a product or service to people on social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., have an ad section where users are allowed to run advertisements on products or services they are offering.

Apart from running adverts for your platform, you can also manage advertisements for other people and businesses on social media. To become a digital marketing specialist on social media, it is advisable for you to first take courses on digital marketing so you can understand how effectively to run and manage advert campaigns. After which, you can build up your brand using your social media business account.

After you have successfully launched your brand, you can reach out to people, businesses, celebrities etc., who have services to offer people on social media and tell them about your advertising brand.

Famous digital marketers who make money on social media today include; Neil Patel, Pam Moore, Larry Kim, etc.

  1. Brand ambassador

Being a brand ambassador on social media can happen in two ways: you being a celebrity, industry expert, or an Influential person outside of social media. The second way is by you building an Influence on social media.

For example, Selena Gomez, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian are brand ambassadors on social media. They gained this through the first way explained above.

Khaby Lame and Diana Rantamaki are social media brand ambassadors who became famous on social media and used that Influence to work with brands.

To grow your social media Influence and eventually become a brand ambassador on social media, you will have to work on content creation and digital marketing skills. A good platform you can do is Tiktok.

  1. Selling/Boosting Engagement (followers, comments, and likes) 

One crazy thing about social media is that the likes, comments, and followers are a determining factor in growing Influence. Due to this factor, many social media users are crazy about having large followers, likes, and comments on their page.

Many users go as far as buying them at whatever rates people offer it. This is one way you can make money on social media.

You can use several platforms to buy followers, likes, and engagements for people on social media. An example of such a platform is picoworker. You can have this as a service you render to people and make money on social media.

All you have to do is get clients that need to boost their engagement, go to Picoworker and pay freelancers to carry out the task for you and then keep your profit. Many people on social media commonly render this service.

  1. Online Dropshipping

In Dropshipping, you sell a product without touching it or spending a dime on getting the product. All that is required is for you to reach out to the producer/wholesaler, asking to be a Dropshipper for the brand. After which you’ll be sent pictures and videos of new products.

Those pictures will be posted on your platform along with the price. Then, when buyers request the product, you receive the payment, remove your profit and send the remaining to the producer/wholesaler. They will handle the delivery.

You are simply acting as an intermediary between a manufacturer and the consumer. Dropshipping has helped many people today to make money on social media.

  1. Tutoring

Teaching a skill is another innovative way to make money on social media. If you have a passion for practicing a craft or profession, you can always create an avenue to train people about it on social media. An excellent platform for that is YouTube.

You can get people to subscribe to your channel and make money from the number of views or subscriptions you get on your page. You can also use advertising on tools like Reels, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, etc., to make money on social media.


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