How to make money on Jumiapay

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Equipped to provide a variety of services with one click, Jumiapay is a lifestyle financial payment app you can rely on to perform your favorite services.

About Jumiapay

Jumiapay or Jumia one as it was formerly known is a platform owned by one of Africa’s famous and biggest marketplace- Jumia. With Jumiapay you can easily and comfortably perform a wide range of services including buying airtime and data, flight bookings and hotel reservations, paying utility and electricity bills, shopping, buying groceries, playing games, placing bets, getting loans and even order for food from your favourite restaurants.

The services Jumiapay offers are unlimited and the good thing is, that you can obtain these services at the cheapest transaction fee and also get cash backs on every transaction successfully made. Let me tell you how.


  • Using the app will save you time and money.
  • It’s takes away the stress of dropping off at different locations to obtain the different services you need. With the app you can comfortably stay at home, place your service orders and have them delivered to you at the cheapest rates compared to other service apps.
  • It is faster, easier, reliable and flexible. With just a click on the app on your smartphone, you can perform several activities online.
  • It’s gives instant refunds of money spent on failed or incomplete transactions.
  • Its offers a secured mode of payment: Many fintech app payment sources are, unsecured but jumiapay can be trusted. It has a unique security feature that makes it impossible for transactions to be made via your account without your knowledge. You can’t make a payment on the app without a verification (done in the form of OTP that will be sent to your registered Email address or phone number).
  • You can earn money online with the app. This is one of the perks the app offers its customers. By just being on platform you too can enjoy this benefit and make lots of money even from the comfort of your home.

How to make money online with Jumiapay

Earn money online through referrals

As a registered user, you can  share your referral links with friends and have them signup too on the app. Jumiapay offers 1000 naira for every person referred to the app. But please note that your referral must successfully register on Jumiapay and perform at least one service transaction.

Imagine referring 10 people in a day, that would be 10,000 naira, think about it.

Earn money online through discounts

The app offers a cashback  for every successful transaction. The cashback is about 5% for every transaction done so the money you spend, the more you learn.

Earn money online by getting a loan

With the app you can get loans up to 100,000 to develop your business if you want. Their loans have a flexible interest rate of about 3% for a loan amount and convenient repayment terms.

The app will also allow you to compare loan offers from different lenders to make sure that you choose the loan offer that is right for you.

Earn money online through investment and returns

The app invest and earn is an incredible option you can employ to earn money on Jumiapay. You only have to register and follow the instructions provided to achieve this

How to get started 

  • To get started, download the mobile app from your mobile device Google play store or Apple store, install and signup.
  • After installing the  app, open the app and click “register” to signup. Provide the necessary basic details that will be required and verify your phone number or Email address through the confirmation code that will be sent to you
  • After successful registration, you can log in and access the numerous services available in the platform
  • As a newly registered Jumiapay user, it’s important buy an item or access a service on the app immediately after a successful signup. This is done to avoid your account being flagged as spam.

How to get a loan from Jumiapay

Getting a loan from the app is easy.

  • After you have been logged in,  navigate the dashboard and click on “Loans” under the ‘Financial services” tab.
  • Enter your accurate details and choose a loan type prefer. Submit your loan application form.
  • Your loan application will be processed and feedback will be given to you.

How to invest and earn returns on the app

  • Navigate to “Financial services” and tap on “AXA money fund”  to make an investment.
  • Please follow the instructions you will be given and invest the money you intend to earn suiting returns.

How to make payments on the app

You can make payments for a service on the app with your card(credit/debit), by bank transfers, or directly.

  • To make payment with your card or bank transfer,
  • Select “Card” or ” Bank transfer” after you have ordered a purchase.
  • For the card payment option, select ‘type of card’ and enter the card number, expiry date and the CVV number.
  • Enter the OTP sent to you to authorize payment.
  • The bank transfer option will require you to input your bank account details and also verify before payment.



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