How to Make Money Answering Simple Questions online

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There are different ways to make money online; depending on the type of money making model and effort required, you can make a decent amount of money whether as a side hustle or main job. In this article, I’m going to be sharing with you how to make money answering simple questions online and trusted ways to do so.

How does this work?

As the title implies ‘how to make money answering simple questions online’, you  can make out time to answer simple but crucial questions online that help, improve, or rectify an issue a person or a company has whether as an expert, a suggestion, or an opinion.

In this making money online model, you can choose to provide answers to questions on topics that interest you. This means that you get paid to answer questions relating to yourself, lifestyle, hobbies, or profession. How cool is that?

Why do you get paid answering simple questions online?

Like every make money online model, there are reasons or motives behind them. But when it comes to making money answering simple questions online, you get paid because you are investing your time providing information for research which will help formulate scientific theories, create or improve products for companies, help someone with information they need for their project or assignment, and many more.

How much money can you make from this money making model?

Knowing how much money can be realized when investing your time in answering questions online is very important so you can do it with the right expectations and avoid disappointment and dissatisfaction in the end.

You have to know that the amount you can earn depends on you and how active you are on these questions platforms. Though you can earn a decent amount for each question answered, it can’t be compared to the earnings of a day job.

So, from my experience, you could earn about $20-$100 a month as an extra income which isn’t so bad for a business model that doesn’t require capital.

3 ways to make money answering simple questions online

  1. Answer specialist questions

There are platforms that offer an opportunity to use your expertise or profession to make extra income by answering specialist questions. Users come to those platforms with questions they have on specific fields or niches and request an expert answer.

They also state the amount they are willing to pay the expert for the answer. All you need to do is to sign up on these sites, provide your certification to the field you are an expert in, and look for questions to answer.

These sites aren’t popular so only a few experts leverage them to make extra cash. One of the trusted platforms is JustAnswer. Here, the amount users pay for each question ranges from $5-$20 and you can withdraw your earnings through Pay Pal.

It may not be the easiest way to make money answering questions online but if you have professional expertise, the questions you’d likely answer will be simple making this a great way to earn extra income.

  1. Answer short questions

You can also make money by answering short questions online. Many sites offer this opportunity but there are 2 sites that are proven to be trustworthy: Quora and Answeree.

On these sites, users post questions and you answer them proficiently. When your answer is liked or selected, you gain points which you can convert to cash and withdraw through Pay Pal.

  1. Answer paid surveys

This is the easiest way to make money answering simple questions online. There are sites that provide research services that companies and brands utilize to gather data for market research which they use to create or improve their products and services.

All you have to do is sign up on those sites and take a qualification survey which you would be paid for. The qualification survey is to qualify you for a particular category to make sure that the answers (or data in this case) that you provide are relevant to the companies or brands that utilize the platform.

You will be notified when a survey is available for you to answer and earn from. Some sites reward you in dollars or points and you can get paid through Pay Pal or gift cards as soon as you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.

Here are the some paid survey sites:

  1. Swag Bucks
  2. Mobrog
  3. Paidviewpoint
  4. YSense

These sites operate similarly but they all have unique extra features you can use to earn more money. Check them out.

Final Thoughts

You cannot make a living from answering simple questions online but you can earn a decent side income doing it with your free time. You can use this model as a side hustle and pave your way to financial freedom.

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