How to Grow your Instagram Page in 2021

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Thanks to the new ever evolving Instagram algorithm, to grow your Instagram page in this year 2021, you have to do so much more than just posting your best selfies or group photos. Seeing as the Instagram app is now one of the greatest marketing tools of our generation, this means steady growth on the app equals more revenue for your business. In this article, you’ll find 5 helpful tips to grow your Instagram page easily and maintain the growth.

How to Grow your Instagram in 2021

Ignore the numbers

For you to grow your Instagram page, you’d have to forget the numbers and focus more on building a community. This step is very important because not only is it a sustainable way to grow as your community will keep sharing about you, it’s a very profitable way to approach growth because it’s easier to turn your community into customers/clients.

Be an explorer 

We sometimes get so caught up on what we are putting out on our Instagram pages that we forget there’s over 1.3billion others who use the app with one of its major functions being to help us discover new things, experiences and people. Take very frequent trips to your explore page, engage with as many posts that genuinely pick your interest. In doing this, you are indirectly recruiting people to join your community and you’re increasing your page discoverability.

Show up Consistently

Imagine you have a leader who doesn’t show up? You’d feel neglected and might even begin to wonder why you are their follower, right? that’s exactly what happens when people follow you because they want to keep enjoying your content but you hardly put out content. It’s important to note that consistency when it involves how to grow your Instagram page isn’t about posting everyday, it is pretty much having a posting schedule that your community understands and only putting out what you truly like because great content is what will have people clicking, double tapping and even have some others re-sharing.

Return the favor

If you notice people engaging with your content or even following you, go to their own profile, engage with theirs too and even go the extra mile to leave comments about the post topic or introduce yourself, that will make them become more invested in your page which will result in a wider page reach.

Give your audience a call

Well not necessarily a phone call {that might be a fantastic idea} but a CALL TO ACTION. It’s a proven fact that the more people interact with your content, the more the Instagram algorithm pushes it to reach more people and the higher your reach, the higher your chances to grow your Instagram page fast. A call to action on Instagram is a way to get people to interact with your content even when they might not have anything to say like asking ‘which image in this carousel is your favorite’ or asking them to click the link in your bio etc.

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