How to Get a Record Deal as an Independent Artiste

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Are you an upcoming artiste or you know one? You are welcome to the ultimate guide on how to get a record deal as an Independent artiste. In this article, I will be taking you through the steps to take in order to land that label of your dream. Record labels don’t just handout deals to upcoming artistes like carrots to rabbits, the independent artiste has a role to play in order to prove that he or she deserves a Record deal. It is a fact that Rome was not built in a day, in like fashion, Michael Jackson was not made overnight. To become a force to reckon with in the music industry, you must be willing to make sacrifices.

How to Get a Record Deal as an Independent Artiste

Record labels were established to ensure the success of the artistes signed to the label. The saying, “no man is an Island” echoes the importance of the record label. The record label is made up of departments that ensure smooth activities with the goal of success in mind. Such departments include; Marketing, Publicity, Legal and the AR department. The complexities of the Record label makes it difficult for an independent artiste without a deal to succeed in the music industry. Without further ado, let’s get right into the crux of how to get a record deal as an Independent artiste.

How to Attract a Record Deal

As an Independent artiste, it is very difficult to make an impact without proper investments. By proper investments, I mean spending funds that run to the tune of hundreds of millions in your craft. This is very difficult to do independently. This is why you need a record label that will be responsible for financing your craft. But how then do you get the attention of a record label? This is where majority of upcoming artistes miss it. While some are lazy to put in the work, others are going about it wrongly. Listed below are ways on how to get a record deal as an Independent artiste:

1. You must be talented

Although it is believed that the music business is 10% talent and 90% business, such believe shouldn’t be held by the upcoming artiste. The upcoming artiste who is hungry for a record deal should believe in 100% talent because no record label is willing to squander investments on a talentless artiste. So, the fist step is to convince yourself of your talent. Be sure of what you are made of before strutting your stuff.

2. Utilize Every Social Media Platform

As an upcoming artiste whose goal is to land a record deal, you must be willing to be present on every Social Media platforms. Such platforms as Instagram, X, Tiktok,YouTube etc. have proven to be effective in helping independent artistes land record deals because it enhances visibility.

3. Appear Professional

One vital step on how to get a record deal as an Independent artiste is to maintain professionalism. Your songs should have good productions, your vocals should be mixed well for clarity sake, the pictures you post on Social media should be dope and you must carry yourself as a brand. Appearing professional attracts record labels. It makes them wonder if you already have a record deal or not. I have heard stories of how record label bosses reached out to upcoming artistes via their Instagram page. I bet you, if these upcoming artistes didn’t reek of professionalism, there is no way in hell that a record label boss will swallow is or her pride to type a message via DM.

4. Spend on Promotions

Yes, the record label’s major job is to spend on you once you have landed a record deal. But as an independent artiste in search if a deal, you must invest in promoting your songs. You should be creative in your choice of Promotions. For now, you really do not need radio Promotions. Do your due diligence via social media platforms. Pay bloggers to post your songs online, tag popular social media influencers in your posts. This way, you reach more people who might like your song.

5. Engage in Free Gigs

As an upcoming artiste, you must be humble. You must be willing to do Free shows. You never know who might be in the crowd listening. Your goal right now shouldn’t be making money but being heard by the right person(s).

6. Seize Every Opportunity that Comes Your Way

Opportunity they say comes but once. Who knows which Opportunity might land you a record deal. This is why as an upcoming act, you must take Advantage of every opportunity you get.

7. Never Give Up

I once heard an upcoming artiste motivate himself with these words- “I had in my mind, I’ma do this every week for 10 years. And then in 10 years, if it don’t pan out the way I thought it would, and I don’t got all the accolades and like reached the people that I wanna reach, then I alright, I gave it my best shot. I did something every single week for 10 years” Tobe Nwigwe.  Today, he is a big star because he never gave up.

This wraps up how to get a record deal as an Independent artiste. Enjoy the journey, show up every day and whenever you feel tired and discouraged, work harder. That record deal of your dreams is just around the corner, keep on keeping on.

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