How to Earn $2000 in a Month as a House Wife

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How can I earn $2000 as a housewife? Is this the question on your mind? You are in the right place. I am going to share with you several ways you can make income from the comfort of your home. Gone are the days when housewives earn little or nothing at home. Being a housewife does not mean you can’t make money. It is rewarding to stay at home and be available for your kids and husband. It is also good to be a support to your husband, and be able to meet certain needs of your kids.

However before you start, explore your interest, what are those things you enjoy doing, the skills you have or your passion. Your experience is an asset too, that can be used to uncover opportunities and make money. Then plan on how you will balance the source of income with house responsibilities.

Here are some of the ways you can earn $2000 in a month as a housewife.

With hard work, persistence and patience you can earn as  $2000 or more in a month doing any of the following-

How to Earn $2000 in a Month as a House Wife

1. Day care

Why not? If you have enough rooms in your house, you can start a daycare in your home to cater for kids in your street, suburb or estate. The working mothers that have toddlers and preschoolers usually need someone to take care of them, and are ready to register and pay handsomely.

2. Tutoring

If you are good at teaching, you can teach neighbors some of the skills you have like playing of piano, baking, soap making or knitting. You can as well teach other people’s kids some subject you are good at, this is for those that has good academics. You can also tutor people online and get paid.

3. Writing

Are you a story teller, a motivational speaker- you are good at motivating others? Why not put the skill into writing. You can write and publish on line, or even write articles or blogs for websites and be paid for it.

4. Making products to sell

If you are creative, you can make beads, knit or crochet hats, blankets or make quilt and anything else. You can market them online; sell directly to friends and neighbors.

5. Makeup and hair styling

This is a skill you can learn over the Youtube, you can as well register in an institute for some months to learn. Every woman want to look good and good makeover services and hair styling will attract lots of female customers. For special occasion your services could be needed such as wedding, baby shower and more.

6. Laundry business

Yes! You can do laundry as well. You can wash, iron and fold clothes and be paid for it. In that your neighborhood let them patronize you instead of going to a laundry shop outside your neighborhood. Start for free to show your skill, advertise and get hired.

7. Soap making

Start little and over time it will grow. Learn the skill from an institute or a friend. A woman in my neighborhood went into soap making some years back, during the lock down and with the high demand of hand sanitizers she added hand sanitizer and today her business has grown and making a lot of sale, she is now making effort to register a soap making company.

8. Skin and beauty spa

Everyone especially women wants to look good, glowing and healthy skin is a desire. This skill can be learnt on YouTube or go learn from an institute, source for the materials which will not cost much and start right there in your house. Offer unique therapies like anti-aging therapies, herbal and natural therapies. Create space in the house for customer privacy. If you are good at it customers will look for you and stick with you.

9. Catering

Do you know you can as well do catering? The skill of cooking delicious meals can be converted into a money making venture. These days most people find it difficult to cook because of the nature of their job, cook for them and get paid. You can cook for birthday parties and even weddings.

10. Affiliate marketing

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc have made it so easy to market goods right there in your comfort zone. You can market products for others or companies and get a commission when there is a sale.

11. Event Planning

Most housewives, if not all are good planners. That can be used to make money as well. Plan birthday parties, anniversary, marriage, retirement parties, dinner parties and more for your friends, neighbors and families. Over time you will gain more customers from your locality and even corporate bodies.

12. Baking

You can make good money by baking for others. Bake cakes for birthdays, parties and weddings. Bake homemade bread, pies and cupcakes for sale. Over time it can expand and the demands will become high and more income generated. This skill can as well be taught to others that desire to learn.

13. Freelancing

Being a freelancer is a sure way of making money from home. You can put your passion, skills and expertise to work as a freelancer like web designing, content writing and article writing. You can write articles for website or be a blogger. Some of the platforms are Fiverr, Upwork,, one can make as much as $2,000 or more in a month.

14. Tailoring

you can start making dresses right from the comfort of your home. If you have the skill before, why not? and if non- you can enroll in a three or six months class and learn. A friend of mine could not get a job after college went into tailoring and today she is making good money monthly. Alteration could be included- you can alter wears for customers.

15. Proofreading and editing

If you have the skill is a good way of making money. You can proofread and edit as a freelancer or edit for writer around you. Clients are ready to pay handsomely for such services. Good writing and editing skill is required however.


Some of the work mentioned above requires skill, while some does not require special skill. If you have passion for any, develop your skill and go on to make money. Take this giant step and start making money even as a house wife. You can earn $2000 in a month or more; all that is required is hard work, persistence, patience and self-confidence.
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