How to Create Google Search Campaign

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Creating a Google search campaign is entertaining but somehow challenging. The truth is, Its not all about creating a website or a product, the most challenging part is driving traffic to your website. Of course, for a company that has no organic presence, a paid ad is the best option for driving traffic to your website. So not only do you need to know how to create a campaign using Google Ad, but you need to learn how to stand out amongst your competitors and reach your customers with the right message at the right time.

Reaching Your Goal with Google Ad Campaign

Before you can reach a goal, you have to first set a target. Google Ad campaign in many ways can help you achieve your marketing goals but you have to get familiar with your goals, so you can explore your campaign to its full potential. And it will also serve as a yardstick towards the progress of your set goal.

Marketing Goals.

Drive sales: The drive to grow sales online, in -person or over-the-phone can never be over emphasize. Everyone wants to sell their product. Example, A cement company looking to increase sales in all their retail location.
Generate Leads: To boast conversion by encouraging people to take action. Example, A government agency focusing on driving request for people to fill in quotes on their website.
Boast Web Traffic: Getting the right people to visit your website. Example a fashion line hoping to drive brand awareness by increasing the numbers of visitors to their website.

Campaign Component.

Every Google Ads Search Campaign has three components and these components will help you massively in your campaign. You just have to familiarize with them.

1.  Reach desired customers (Targeting)

In order to reach desired audience, you have to use Keywords, Dynamic search ads and Audience solution.

2. Share your Message.

Getting your business in front of customers when they search products and services similar to yours. You have to use expanded text ads and responsive search ads.

3. Bidding strategically is quite important.

Here, use any bidding strategy that best suit your marketing objective to yield better result.

How to Create your Campaign.

Step 1:
Before you can do anything, you’ll need to visit Google Ad website and sign up for an account.
Google automatically take you through an overview of creating your first campaign as part of signing up process.

Step 2:
From the menu, select campaigns, select the plus icon and choose new campaign from the dropdown menu.

Step 3:
Choose the campaign goals that most suit you marketing objectives and select continue.

Step 4:
Select a campaign type. And select continue.

Step 5:
Choose how you’d track your goals either through websites, phone calls, store visits or app download. At this point you can set up your conversion tracking if you haven’t done so and select continue.

Campaign Setting

The campaign settings you choose will apply to all ads in the campaign. So its important you familiarize with each campaign and what each of them can do.
• Campaign name : Rename your campaign so it can be easily found in the account.
• Network: A network indicates where the ad will appear based on the campaign chosen.
Device: Campaign targets all kind of devices. Ads can be customized for different device.
Language: Choose the language you serve your customers in. Your campaign’s ads will be eligible to show in targeted geographic locations, or to consumers who have selected a targeted language as their browser’s language setting.
Bidding and Budget: Bidding here controls how you’ll pay for users to interact with your ads. The budget is the average amount you’re comfortable spending each day on the campaign. The budget chosen is entirely up to you and you can adjust it at any time.
Ad extensions: These includes other information like location, website link.

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