How to make millions in poultry farming – The Mary Muhatia story

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When Mary Muhatia lost her husband in 2010, she began taking care of her 4 children on her own. From house help to selling illicit brews, Mary Muhatia did everything she could to ensure that her 4 children were well taken care of.

But In 2011, she took a decision that changed her life forever, today she make over Sh90,000 per week from indigenous chicken.

Here is Mary Muhatia Journey in Poultry farming.

1. She Started Small

In 2003, Mary ventured into Poultry farming with just 4 indigenous birds. From 4, she bought another 50 broilers, but 30 of the broilers died in the early stage.


Mary didn’t wait to have up to 10 before she start, she started with just 4 indigenous birds.

There is a popular saying, start small but think big. Every great things started small. If you have an interest in poultry farming, first you need to decide if you will concentrate on broilers, Layers( those that lay eggs) or both. Once you decide, you need a space and the chicks to start, no number of chick is too small, as long as you have a plan, goal and the passion.

2. She didn’t give up.

She didn’t give up because of the setback back, she kept pushing. Normally, some people would have stopped after losing almost half the broiler, but her desire and determination to succeed became much more stronger that she kept pushing without looking back


If you want to succeed in life, make sure you don’t allow the word ‘give’ and ‘up’ to come together at any point in your career or business journey. Yes, setbacks will come, but see every setback as an opportunity to develop yourself and always be sure to learn something from them

3. She took advantage of every opportunity

In 2011, she heard about a training opportunity on indigenous chicken management sponsored by Kenya productivity and Agribusiness Project (KAPAP),  so, she joined a group of farmers who had expressed interest in taking up the indigenous chicken project as a business. She attended training sessions on poultry housing, stress management, poultry feeding and nutrition, pest and disease control.

And today, a decision she took in 2011 is helping her to live her dream.


It takes an independent and discipline individual to start a business, but that does not mean that you must do it alone. Every opportunity matters, from learning to getting a team to assist you as your business grow. Always make sure you keep your eyes and mind opens for new opportunity, and invest in learning.

4. She purchased the basic tools.

After starting, she purchase some of the basic tool to aid her in the farm, from drinkers, feeders and the feed. You can improvise for the drinkers and feeders if you are just starting with few birds, but as the farm expands those things are very necessary.


Have a list of tools that will help make your farm work easier and get them as you have access to finance

5. She Keeps a farm record

One of the things that is helping her farm to grow is her farm record, according to her, the records help her to make better decision.

Lessons: “Without records, it is hard to know sometimes how many birds you have in a particular week, as there are those that don’t survive. You also need to have records to know when the birds started laying as well as their vaccinations schedules”- Mary Mary Muhatia

Mary currently managed 10,000 birds and sell between 100 to 150 birds a week

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4 thoughts on “How to make millions in poultry farming – The Mary Muhatia story”

  1. I am running a small poultry farm of 500 layers and 1000 broilers, I stared with just 12 broilers. The business is very lucrative. I have a spot where i sell fried chicken every evening, so my farm is not even meeting the demands. I am planing on expanding the farm soon.

    Starting small is the key

  2. My Mum was a beneficiary of the Kenya Agricultural Productivity Project (KAPP). From my experience, starting is the hardest part. But I had to quit my job to become a full time manager in the farm. it was hard, but building a business of your own is the best thing anyone can do.

    Thank you for this article

  3. Poultry farming is hard at the beginning especially if you are doing it as a full time business. It wasn’t easy for me. I had encouragement from other farmers who kept inspiring me with their success stories. i am just 1 year in the business but i can see the prospect. i have made over 200% profit from my initial investment. It takes perseverance and a whole lot of hard work


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