An Open letter to the girl who broke my heart

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This is for the girl who broke my heart,
the girl who failed to see through my struggle
and appreciate my little contribution to the table,
the girl who thought breaking my heart will make her happy.
Yes, I am down, but I am not out.

I saw you through the comfort street when the chips were down,
I took your hand, dress your wound, felt your pains
And even sacrifice my happiness to make you shine.

I withstand the cold feet of April rain,
Walk you through the hotness of August Sun
And lend you my legs to walk through the shredding wilderness.

I was your warmness when the rain disturbs our huts
I dance with mosquitoes just to make you sleep well,
I became a fan when the hotness was too hard to bear.

You said I was the voice behind your every song.
the magic that inspires your smiles,
but you broke my heart and ran to another’s arm.

They say you were a mistake,
I tell them you were a blessing,
They say you left me broken,
I told them you made me stronger.

I’m not sad that you left me empty
I’m sad that you didn’t give me the chance
To show the world that love deserves a second chance.

Thank you for the short time.
Thank you for breaking my heart.

I wish you more love that you can ever imagine.

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