All Modern human life started from Botswana – Research

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A new research has suggested that Human lives started on Northern Botswana some 200,000 years ago. According to the research published in the Journal of Nature, the researchers conclude that human beings first stayed in Botswana for over 70,000 years before climate change forced them to migrate and establish families across the globe.

Previous researches have suggested Africa as the home of humanity. According to the lead author, Vanessa Hayes of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and the University of Sydney, Africa has long been established as the home of humanity, but scientists were not certain on the exact location.

The researchers use DNA evidence and also analyses fossil and geological record. Their finding which will be a subject of debate in the coming months has beam a new searchlight on the Southern African Country who is one of the largest producers of Diamond.

Interacting and working with the locals from South Africa and Namibia, the researchers collected blood samples from them, these blood samples aided their research to established a connection between the ancestral Mitochondrial  DNA and their DNA code

The researchers noted that the first and second set of migrants from the ancestral home of humanity moved out between 130,000 and 110,000 years ago, while the remaining choose to remain and were still staying there till date.

Some facts about Botswana

  1. Botswana is the ancestral home of humanity
  2. It is one of the largest producers of diamond in the World
  3. They are 20 Ethnic groups in the country
  4. The official language of the country is English.
  5. Gaborone is the capital of the Country.
  6. Anyone from Botswana can be called Batswana
  7. The Country is land-locked and the topography is mostly flat.
  8. It is the home of the Kalahari Desert which houses so many wildlife.
  9.  The Country Currency is the Pulsa (BWP) which is stronger than the currency of Nigeria and most African countries.
  10. It’s a country of less than 3 million people.

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