Africans can get Retirement Visas from these 5 Countries

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This article gives a list of top countries that offer Africans retirement visas. Countries selected are based on the ease of the process and affordability of requirements.

The retirement visas program, a type of residency visa is an opportunity for many who wish to relocate and start living in a new country after retirement. This particularly benefits those who cannot afford the Residence- and citizenship-by-investment (RBI and CBI) programmes due to the exorbitant cost and requirements.

Unlike the RBI and CBI programmes that require investments in the potential host country (country of choice), the retirement visa program simply requires that the retirees are entitled to a steady pension or annuity sufficient to ensure sustenance in the potential host country.

While most retirement visa programs don’t enable retirees to work, the country of choice usually make provisions for remote work as soon as they arrive their destination.

Top Countries that Offer Africans Retirement Visas and their Requirements


Belize retirement visa  is the easiest residency visa for Africans. Although the vetting process for Africans comes with a bit of rigors compared to citizens from other parts of the world. For those retirees looking for a stress-free retirement visa program, Belize, a country found on the North American continent, borders Mexico to the north, the Caribbean sea to the east and Guatemala to the west and south offers the easiest retirement visa program for people from African countries.

Belize offers a Qualified Retired Persons (QRP) Program which requires participants to be 45 years and above. A steady monthly income of about $2000 is a requirement for the retiree. The QRP program also covers retirees’ spouse and children.

For more information about requirements for Belize Retirement Visa, click here 


Once applauded for the easiest retirement visas program because of its easy process which also serves as a crucial step for the Permanent residency visa application in Panama.

Panama’s retirement Visas program offers a ‘Pensionado Visa’ which requires that the retiree has a lifetime steady pension up to the tune of $1000 monthly which is to be deposited to a bank in Panama.

The visa also covers the retiree’s spouse and dependent children with an average monthly income of $250 per head. Children between the ages of 18-25 must enroll for a full time education to be considered as dependents.

For more information about the Pensionado Visa, click here.


For those retirees who have picked Mexico as a choice country for retirement, it is essential to know that Mexico has no specific retirement visa like other countries do. Those who would like to relocate to Mexico after retirement are recommended to consider any of these 3 visas: tourist visa, temporary resident visa or permanent resident visa.

Based on research, the easiest visa to obtain is the tourist visa. This is because it allows you stay in the country for 6 months. Renewal is easy as the tourist could leave after expiry and come back even after a couple of hours to enjoy another 180 days. This can be repeated for as long as the retiree would like to stay in Mexico.

For more information about the requirements of Mexican Tourist Visa, click here.

Costa Rica

Just like Panama, Costa Rica also grants a temporary residency visa under the category tagged ‘pensionado’. It requires retirees to have a lifetime retirement benefit up to the tune of $1000 monthly income. There is no minimum age to qualify and it covers spouses and dependent children under 25 years or above with disabilities.

For more information, click here.


The Portugal D7 Visa enables retirees to relocate to Portugal. Provided they are eligible. Talking of eligibility, the interested retiree should be a non-EU citizen, have a clean criminal record, meet the passive income requirements, have proof of accommodation in Portugal, willing to spend at least 16 months in Portugal during the first 2 years of relocating and have sufficient funds to support self in Portugal.

It will interest you to find that there are no age requirements. Interested people are required to have a monthly income of €705 for 12 months, the equivalent of €8,460. In a case whereby the retiree would like to relocate with family, the key applicant is required to have €8,460 per year while the second adult is required to have 50℅ of key applicant’s yearly income and dependents below 18 years are required to have 30% of the key applicant’s yearly income.

For more information, click here 

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are a lot of countries  offering retirement visa programs but the above is a top pick based on easy application and affordable requirements for citizens of African countries.






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