9 Exciting Remote Careers You Can Begin Today

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Making money from home is becoming a new normal. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, about 44% workers worked fully remotely and about 22% will still be working fully remotely by 2025 according to Forbes. There are several remote careers you can begin today and get paid instantly from your home. Here are some of them.

This article will share with you the top 7 remote careers you can begin today from your home.

9 Exciting Remote Careers You can Begin Today

Freelance Writing

Starting freelance writing as a remote career is not only going to be exciting but also it will be financially rewarding.

Freelance writing is one of the easiest remote careers anyone can venture into. You should choose a niche and build it for rewards. SEO writing, copywriting, and translating are highly lucrative niches. Also, there are millions of people and businesses who need suiting content to give their audiences and promote their business you can leverage this opportunity. You can also take on editing and proofreading to make extra money.


Blogging has become popular in the past decade. It is one of the remote careers you can venture into and garner profit as well. However, you would have to constantly build your content to satisfy your audience’s growing needs and improve your writing skills to suit the everyday trend. You can monetize your blog with Google Adsense and/or affiliate marketing.

Social media marketing and consulting

It is the marketing age and there are thousands of brands in need of social media marketers to promote their business to the billions of people on several social media platforms. To begin a remote career in social media marketing and consulting you would need to have a great knowledge of how social media(Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram etc) works.

You can also venture into affiliate marketing while at it and earn more money in the process.

SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimization is important as it is the framework in which websites grow. Choosing SEO as a remote career will be highly profitable. Thousands of websites would pay you handsomely to provide your service if you are an expert at it.

Pay Per Click(PPC) and Google Ads assistant

Who says the Ads business isn’t lucrative?

Ads are integral to online marketing and most businesses who are online understand this. With the millions of businesses now operating fully online, competition increases every day for sales to be made. Ads are the primary way these businesses and brands reach their potential customers. Going into Google Ads consulting as a remote career promises attractive daily earnings but you will have to invest a little capital in the learning process.

Still, the long-term financial reward will be worth it.

Virtual Assistant/Customer care

There exist thousands of people and brands who are unable to answer calls or reply to messages from their millions of customers and followers worldwide due to their busy schedules. You can handle this job description and begin a remote career from it.

The good thing is they are also willing to pay attractive wages for this service. You can find these brands on social media or through keyword searches


Do you enjoy creating videos? You should take on vlogging as a remote career.

Many people prefer to watch a video than spend a couple of minutes reading maybe because it is exciting.

Anyways, vlogging is one of the lucrative remote careers you should venture into. But, you must have good filming skills and make unique videos if you want to keep people watching. You can also make money from it through sponsored content and Google ads on your YouTube channel.

Web Development and Management

Web development which includes software engineering, coding, programming and data sciences is one of the most in-demand skills of this century. The good thing is you can start a remote career with it and work from home if you want.

Although it requires a lot of effort and time investment, web developers and managers are one of the highest paid in the world today.

Graphics Design

From e-books to videos and infographics, graphic design creates visual representations of ideas using computer applications or the traditional art media.

Graphics design is one of the remote careers you can start today. You can team up with content writers to bring a new idea to life and get huge financial rewards.

Websites like 99Designs will make your employment assured, and Canva will help in the creative process.


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