7 Quotable Quotes of Bola Ige

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Bola Ige was a Nigerian Lawyer, Writer and a Politician who served as the minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from 2000 to 2001. Born on September 13, 1930, Bola grew up in Kaduna and was brutally murdered in his home at Ibadan on December 23rd, 2001.

He was the Commissioner for Agriculture in the western region under the military rule between 1967 to 1970 and was the first civilian governor of Old Oyo state in 1978

Here are 7 Quotable Quotes of Bola Ige

7 Quotable Quotes of Bola Ige

1. Education equipped us to fight evil. I don’t know what your education taught you. We were taught that anything that is evil must be fought. Whether moral, political, or social.

2. I firmly believe that the role of a writer is the same, whether his society is underdeveloped, or developing, or developed, or overdeveloped.

3. Until I went to secondary school in Ibadan, I did not know how to read or write Yoruba. The languages I
spoke as a child were English, Hausa, Igbo in that order, and some Yoruba at home.

4. The only thing that anyone has against the military is the determination that you’d not subject yourself to military rule. Once you have that determination, it is as strong as any armour. It’s the people who do not know what democracy is that are afraid.

A military regime lives on brute force

5. In Nigeria, the life of a detainee is worse than that of a convicted criminal. No access to newspapers, No access to radio

6. Every young man or woman who has any education whatsoever must make it an act of determination, not to accept military rule. They must breathe it, drink it, eat it. That no civilised country accepts military rule. And Nigeria must be a civilised country.

7. I love Nigeria. I was brought up to love Nigeria. That is why it hurts so much that people who do not know this country are messing it up.

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