5 steps to Create and Manage a Facebook Business Page

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As of July 2022, Facebook was ranked number 3 in the list of the most visited websites worldwide.

Social media has evolved over the years. Today, social media is a useful and convenient marketing channel for businesses and brands who are looking to use Social media with large audiences to actively promote their business and brand. Amongst social media options used by brands, Facebook business page is one of the most popular, maybe because of the ease of using its features or because of the platform’s audience reach. Still, Facebook is a great place to connect with your business’s potential customers and creating a Facebook business page is the first activity you should engage in.

This article will guide you on how to create and manage a page to promote your business and brand.

Why create a Facebook business page?

  • Creating a Facebook business page is a great way of advertising and publicizing your business to billions of potential customers worldwide.
  • Did you know that Facebook is used by over 200 million businesses and it has about 2.93 billion monthly active users? That’s 37% of the world’s total population, imagine what this could do for your business and brand.
  • Your brand page will help you build your business to become an online brand. It will further increase your business productivity and create professional bonds between your business and your potential customers(consumers).

How does a Facebook business page work?

Facebook page work just as a personal Facebook profile. The page is customized to allow the user to share stories, write articles, create events and more. People can also like or follow your Facebook business page to get updates about your page in their feeds. You can also use your the page to connect with your Facebook Ads account to promote your business.

5 steps to create a Facebook Business


  • Creating a page is free.  Click here to get started.  Once on the page, navigate to the top of  Facebook homepage and select “Create” after you have logged in to your personal Facebook account.
  • Then, click on “Choose page”.  You will be given a dropdown of options, select ” Business or brand”.
  • Enter your business information on the panel located on the left of your Facebook business page.
  • Edit and update your page name to your business’s official name for easy identification to customers.
  • Choose your business type from” category”. You can type a few words describe your business in a few words, Facebook will use your business description to provide you with suitable options you can choose from.
  • Also, fill in a short description of your Facebook business page in the description field you will be given. This description should not be more than 255 characters. Your business description should be clear and concise as it is what will appear in search results.

Set up your page

This activity includes setting up your  page, assigning roles to your Facebook business collaborators and adding pictures for easy identification of your page.

  • After creating your page, you should upload your business profile and cover photos. This will help your business have an online identity, and as you know your potential customers would prefer to work with businesses they can conveniently identify.
  • Facebook recommends that business pages upload a photo of 170×170 pixels for a business page profile photo and a 1650×856 pixels photo as a business page cover photo.
  • After you have added your business photos, you can use the buttons on the top right of the Facebook business preview page to adjust your business photos to suit desktop and mobile views. Click ” Save” after.
  • You should also create your business username(this will serve as a URL and make it easy for people to find you on Facebook) and add your business details to enable visitors to your business page to know more about your business personality. You can achieve this by clicking on “Set your page up for Success”, in the “About ” section .Thereafter select “Provide info & preferences”.
  • You should also add a call to action option(highly advised). This will help people to directly reach out to your business. Your call to action could be your business contact or a message. Click on the ” Add an action” icon on your Facebook business page to upload the call to action you prefer.
  • To add your business collaborators(team) to your page, navigate to page settings on the “Page roles” tab and enter the name of the person or the Email address relevant to their Facebook account. You should assign roles to your collaborators based on their responsibilities to your business.

Optimize your  business page for easy Access

When setting up your  page, optimizing it will make it easier for your business to have a faster audience reach.  Facebook has several customization options. To access, click “More”, choose “Edit Tabs” and select the templates that will fit your business from the variety of templates displayed.

Create your First Business page contents

  • Your Facebook business page would seem like spam to potential customers if you don’t share content relevant to your business on it. Your content can range from videos, and blog posts to articles and pictures.
  • Publishing about 5 posts on your page before inviting friends and putting on to the global audience would be great.
  • When creating your content, you have to consider your potential customers’ demographics(age, location), what kind of content would they engage in(relevant content) and also schedule your content to appear at a time when it will be needed.

Invite friends to connect with your Facebook business page

You should also promote your business page if you want your business to become a well-known brand online. You can invite your friends to like or follow your page, copy your business page link and share on WhatsApp, Instagram, Tiktok etc. You never know where your customers could be.

Facebook Ads is a great way of advertising your business on Facebook, you should try it. You can also use Facebook page insights to build reports about your business activities and measure performance. The Facebook insights option is located on the left side of your  page.

Final Thoughts

Facebook has evolved to not just being a social media networking service that allows its users to connect with friends and people they know online, Facebook has also incorporated business features tailored to build users businesses and careers.







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