5 Email List Growth Techniques For Bloggers

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An email list is a fast and easy way of sending a particular message to several addresses at the same time thereby ensuring time management. It is also effective in email marketing of which it offers several benefits. In this article, you will learn a few email list growth techniques you can use effectively to manage subscribers of your blog service.

How To Create An Email List

Creating an Email list is not a tedious activity, although it is not as simple as the process of creating a contact list which requires just the saving of a phone number under a name you choose to link the number with for easy identification, and then clicking on the save icon to begin a contact list.

  • To create an email list, you would have to open an account with a customer relationship management platform(CRM) e.g., mailchimp, register successfully, set up an account and then create an email list.
  • After creating an email list on the CRM platform, you would have to link the email list with the contact form, lead generation form or whatever type of form you have present on your website or blog. This will automatically allow your website users to sign up directly to your email list from your website.

Email list growth techniques

After successfully creating an email list, what happens next? The next thing you should do is engage in ways that can grow your email list.

Growing an email list is important because it will help you to effectively plan out your email marketing strategy. From research done, an email list gets 10 times and even higher conversion rates than social media campaigns, also it allows you to know the users that are interested in your service.

Now, let’s discuss the several methods you can use to efficiently build and grow your email list.

Offer incentives to your email list subscribers

Opt-in incentives are the most popular email list growth techniques. It requires you offering something of value to users who subscribe to your email newsletter. Opt-in incentives that are commonly used include discounts on a product or service, free E-books, PDF reports, or an offer to join an exclusive group that gives more detail on your service etc.

Whichever Opt-in incentive you choose, you should ensure it is high quality such that it would be enticing to your target market/audience.

Enable Pop-ups

Pop-ups are important in lead generation. It is an effective tool for engaging visitors to your blog or website. Enabling pop-ups will help them consider if not subscribing is worth it. You can make popups more appealing by including an opt-in incentive that would be difficult to not consider.

Enable CTAs or signup button on your blog’s homepage

Including an email signup form on pages that would most likely be where visitors will go to first in your blog will make it easier for anyone who decides to subscribe. Adding a call to action in every blog post you publish will constantly remind visitors who havent5 yet subscribed to your blog, that they ought to.

Engage with special offerings, freebies etc.,

Never underestimate the power of giveaways more so if it is appealing. So before you engage in special offerings, freebies etc you should ensure it is going to be a compelling offer and one that does better than your competition. Sometimes, including a thank-you page for visitors reading your blog posts can be all it takes to get them on your email list. You can also choose to begin a referral program that offers rewards to people who get someone new to your blog to subscribe.

Use social media

You will be surprised at how social media can grow your email list. Social media platforms like Facebook will allow you to include a CTA in its targeted ads, thus enabling people who are a match for the potential customers you need to signup/subscribe to your business. You can also use social media live events, active online communities, and giveaways to convert your followers to email leads.



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