25 Famous Tanzania Proverbs and their meaning

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Formed as a sovereign state in 1964, Tanzania is a Country in East Africa and is situated just South of the equator. Tanzania proverbs just like all other proverbs are wise saying that explains specific truth based on common sense or experience.

In a typical Tanzania community, it is generally believed that understanding proverbs means wisdom, so a young person who continually seek to understand proverbs will be seen as someone in constant pursue of wisdom.

Here are 25 Famous Tanzania Proverbs and their meaning

25 Famous Tanzania Proverbs and their meaning

1. Who loves Squash would like its seed

Meaning: Love should not be partial, when you love someone, love both the bad and good side.

2.  Walking much is to see much.

Meaning: Travelling exposes someone to more learning and knowledge

3. Even the night has ears.

Meaning: If you don’t guard your utterances, you may end up saying what you shouldn’t and suffer for it.

4. Two-way confused hyena

Meaning: No one can serve two masters

5. Savings do not rot.

Meaning: Any act of kindness done to another will eventually get back to you

6. Eyes do not veil

Meaning: Your eyes can see so many things at the same time.

7. If you find a new pot never throw the old one.

Meaning: Having news friends does not means you should forget about your old friends.

8. If you want to eat the pig select the fattened one

Meaning: If you want to commit a crime, commit a crime that will make you the talk of the town

9. The elephant wets the success of a bad person

Meaning: Be careful how you praise bad because, because if you do, they will do more harm

10. Path of a liar is very short.

Meaning: A liar will always be cut

11. Bitterness of a son is known by his parents.

Meaning: Pain is personal, It’s only the person that is experiencing it that understands how and where it hurts

12. Beautiful girl is not without flaws

Meaning: Everyone has a weakness, no one is perfect.

13. Little by little a bird makes its nest

Meaning: Progress is step by step.

14. The long road cannot lack corners.

Meaning: No matter how perfect people think you are, you still have some bad side.

15. Your mother’s milk  is very delicious

Meaning: There is no place like home. Mother are very generous.

16. The water used to wash your clothes will serve you for bathing.

Meaning: Real friendship is the one that support you both in strength and weakness

17. :One finger does not crush a louse

Meaning: Unity is strength

18. Lion that goes slowly eats meat

Meaning: It not necessary to run after what is yours.

19.The speed does not bring blessing.

Meaning: Any work done in a hurry won’t bring good returns.

20. In waiting for so long, the child cannot be yours

Meaning: It is always good to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.

21. Unknown information is like a dark night

Meaning: Ignorance is a vice.

22. The clouds are the signs of the rain

Meaning: there is always a sign before any event happened

23. Who walks slowly and with assurance goes far

Meaning: With Courage and determination you can succeed no matter how long it takes

24. A stone once seen will not damage the hoe

Meaning: If you understand the law, you will not fall a victim if you obey it.

25. A rooster of the bush does not sing in town

Meaning: A stranger will always be a stranger, no matter how much he/she tries show won’t understand everything.

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