20 Powerful African Proverbs on Peace

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Peace is a major vehicle of growth. Where there is peace, prosperity, love and development is also there. In the history of mankind, the horror of war has destroyed and destabilized many economy, thus there is a growing need for the World to embrace and promote peace.

In politics, most political leaders have continued to use diplomacy in their peacemaking effort to ensure World peace, this has established a growing pattern with a footstep of peace which should and must be sustained.

Africa has come a long way in the journey of peace, from fighting wars on slavery, scrambling for resources by colonialism and ongoing campaign on racism which has continued to raised so many questions on the humanity of those carrying out these acts.

These 20 African proverbs on peace will give you a greater understanding of  the word “peace”.

Here are 20 powerful African proverbs on Peace

20 Powerful African Proverbs on Peace

1. A man who never recognizes his mistakes will never know peace.

2. To agree to have dialogue is the beginning of a peaceful resolution – Somali Proverb

3. It is better that trials come to you in the beginning and you find peace afterwards than that they come to you at the end. – Ugandan Proverb

4. A man with too much ambition cannot sleep in peace.

5. A regular fighter who discords peace is bound to be fought by his own anger.

6. When a king has good counselors, his reign is peaceful. – Ashanti Proverb

7. He who runs after good fortune runs away from peace.

8. Gossiping about the enemy can result in a war.

9. If you are a leader of peace, listen to the discourse of the petitioner. Be not abrupt with him; that would trouble him. – Egyptian Proverb

10. Milk and honey have different colors, but they share the same house peacefully.

11. For the sake of peace, hard decisions must be made. – Tanzanian Proverb

12. Without war there can be no peace.  – Congolese Proverb

13. Silence gives rise to peace and with peace comes security
When there is peace in the country, the chief does not carry a shield.  – Ugandan Proverb

14. The best bed that a man can sleep on is peace. – Somali Proverb

15. War is a bad chisel with which to curve out tomorrow.

16. He who wants to plant corn must make peace with the monkeys.

17. When the shepherd comes home in peace, the milk is sweet. – Ethiopian Proverb

18. A woman’s clothes are the price her husband pays for peace. – Bantu Proverb

19. Do something at its right time, and peace will accompany it

20. Peace is costly but it is worth the expense.

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