10 Famous quotes of Madagascar’s President, Andry Rajoelina

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Andry Rajoelina is a businessman and the current President of Madagascar. He is the first African President to launched an herbal cure for Covid-19.

10 Famous quotes of Andry Rajoelina.

10 Famous quotes of Madagascar President, Andry Rajoelina

1. What is important is the victory of the people, not of a candidate. We must unite for the good of Madagascar’s people, and we are going to succeed.

2. The Malagasy people must have the liberty to choose their own future.

3. I cannot accept a divide between Malagasy people and a civil war.

4. I will do everything I can to ensure that Malagasy are lifted out of poverty

5. My only enemy, your only enemy, our only enemy is poverty

6. The world is looking at us with a different perception. Madagascar has regained its notoriety on the international stage because we have a company project, we have a vision, we have dynamic and determined leaders

7. I found that some people behaved as spectators, others were just denigrating, criticize or blame. There are those who no longer believe in the possibility of developing the country. Some thought it would never be possible. But in one year, we have shown that we can do it

8. To build a house, you have to start with the foundation, then raise the walls, then put the roofs. It is only at the end that the whole family can occupy the interior., to insinuate that it takes patience and arming yourself with trust

9. In order to tackle malnutrition, it is essential to ensure people’s access to adequate food, appropriate health services, clean water and sanitation.

10. The government has the challenge of making Madagascar a green island again. I encourage the people to protect the environment and forest for the benefit of the future generations,

“Tests have been carried out – two people have now been cured by this treatment,this herbal tea gives results in seven days, I will be the first to drink this today, in front of you, to show you that this product cures and does not kill.”

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